Little Miss West Indian Canadian Registration

Thank you for your interest in entering your Little Miss West Indian Canadian. Fill out all fields below and submit it to us. Please make sure all info is accurate.

This is NOT a competition. All Little Miss West Indian Canadians are winners and guaranteed all prizes below. No judging or pressures of competition but with all the frills and thrills of a pageant. They’re all winners and will be treated as such. Instead of teaching our young girls competition at such a young age, we should make it fun for them and an experience they will always remember.

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Must be between 5 and 9 years of age by the date of the pageant.

Must be born in Canada, resident, and Canadian citizen.

As a Little Miss West Indian Canadian, a fee of $350.00 is required. This fee can be sponsored by a business if you wish. Their business will be announced as a sponsor during their stage introductions, business listing under her photo in Wi Canadian Magazine, business listing on for 1 year, and recognition on the pageant video. This fee also gives your Little Miss a wonderful experience.

If applicant is disqualified for any reason(s) by the management, sponsors will receive a 25% refund of their sponsorship fee. No refund is issued if applicant is not present on pageant day. Management will continue to run the sponsors advertising campaign where applicable in either situation until expiration.

Your Little Miss is required to attend only 2 MANDATORY dates: a Wi Canadian Magazine photo shoot, 1st rehearsal (on the same day as the Wi Canadian Magazine photo shoot), 2nd rehearsal on event day at 9:30am. Only one parent/guardian/someone over the age of 19 must always accompany their Little Miss West Indian Canadian to all events.


For the mandatory group photo shoot for Wi Canadian Magazine, your Little Miss is required to wear a white dress top with no graphics or 3rd party business on it, any blue jeans, and shoes with or without small heels. Wi Canadian will provide the natural look hair & makeup with tiara and sash. Their 1st stage rehearsal will be on the same day as well.


Your Little Miss and you are required to attend her final rehearsal on event day at 9:30am sharp. She is required to wear an evening gown/dress long upto her ankles, shoes with or without heels, and jewelry. Wi Canadian will provide the natural look hair & makeup with tiara, sash, trophy, certificate of special title, group photo poster, and goody bag. The first round of modeling will be solo and then together with all the Little Misses. The second round of modeling will be for the anticipated crowning presentation.

Video on USB Flash Drive will be available for sale of $50 once ready. Flash Drive to be provided by you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.