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2012-11-30 00:59:45
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Hey Julie, CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done. I think you did an awesome job with your team from the…


2012-10-29 22:33:59
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Hey Julie!! Just wanted to take the time to let you know how amazing it was working with you this…

Janice Chester

2012-10-26 01:49:06
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Hi Julie I enjoyed the show. It was definitely a family event and will come back next year. The judges…

Sasha-Aliya K

2012-10-25 17:34:46
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Hey Julie! I really enjoyed the show this year! Great job in organizing it all! I'm sure it exceeded everyones…


2012-10-09 13:15:31
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Great job on the wonderful work you are doing for the West Indian community Julie, I am soooooo proud of…