Wi Canadian Team

Julie Rambali, CEO of Wi Canadian

Born in Guyana in 1977, a beautiful country made up of vast ethnicities, Julie Rambali entered into her family, consisting of her loving and supportive mother, father, and older brother. Her family plays a major part in her life, as they continue to help shape her moral and ethical values. The family moved to Toronto Canada in 1986, when Julie was 9 years old. They moved to explore their opportunities for a better life. “Guyana will always hold a special place in my heart. I often reminisce playing in the rain, flying my hand-made kite in the sea of kites during Easter at the beach, going to church every Sunday in my ‘mom made me wear it’ frilly frock, celebrating all holidays from all religions, and of course, eating endless types of fruits directly from my backyard trees or stealing it from my neighbour’s.”

Julie graduated from Parklawn Junior Middle School, attended high school at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (ECI), Western Tech Collegiate Institute (WTCI), and completed her high school Diploma at Thistletown Collegiate Institute (TCI). She felt a huge amount of culture shock which led her to switch high schools from ECI to WTCI. Julie was finally able to find comfort in the diverse ethnicities and intern an ease to find herself while attending Thistletown Collegiate Institute.

It was while she was in high school she realized her love and skill for computers. Julie then proceeded to graduate in 1999 from Seneca College for Computer Programming and Design. In 1998 while at Seneca College, she foresaw the major career opportunities within website design. She then decided to launch her own business, Infinite Linx, which offers website development, domain hosting, graphic designing, and printing of which she continues to operate successfully from the comfort of her home since 1998.

While living in the vast climate change of Toronto, Canada, Julie has not forgotten her West Indian heritage. She is the CEO of the annual Wi Canadian Expo, the Miss West Indian Canadian Pageant, Little Miss, Wi Can Dance Competition, and Wi Canadian Magazine Souvenir. She felt a need to not only give back but take it to the next level and coordinate different opportunities for the West Indian Canadian community and utilize all her versatile skills. She’s a firm believer in inspiring the next generation.

“Always love what you do, and aspire to do more!” lingers in your mind after a conversation with Julie Rambali. She is described as a “well organized busy body that runs a tight ship!”. She puts her heart into her career behind the scenes, as she does not seek to be recognized.

Despite the unavoidable parking tickets and continual construction within the city of Toronto, Julie loves her city. You could find her walking her dogs (2 mini Dachshunds), or camping and fishing in northern Ontario. Julie has played 8 ball and 9 ball since 1998 and captained a team of 7 pool players for 10 years. She likes to relax with a cup of tea and watch a movie on her spare time or binge watch TV series that interest her. Her favourite movies include Pulp Fiction, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and Slumdog Millionaire just to name a few.

The sky is the limit for Julie and she knows it, intern she is able to conquer her goals and become the multifaceted entrepreneur she is today.

Shameela Shaheed
, Pageant Choreographer

– Pageant Choreographer Since 2013
– Fashion Show Choreographer from 2013-2017
– 2nd Runner-up in the Miss West Indian Canadian Pageant 2010

– Wi Canadian Model from 2013-2015

“I will never forget our last pageant rehearsal in 2010 when Shameela gave all the other 9 contestants including myself a framed group photo from our first meet and greet with a personalized message for each of us.  I still have it up in my office and will always remember her kind spirit and thoughtfulness.” – Julie Rambali, CEO of Wi Canadian

Shameela will forever be able to say she was a contestant in the 1st ever Miss West Indian Canadian Pageant. She brings her bright smile, and amazing personality.

Born in Toronto, Ontario with a passion for fashion and life under the lights, Shameela brings many talents to the Wi Canadian Family!

Shameela has spent 4 ½ years gaining great knowledge in achieving her bachelors of commerce in fashion management, while managing her own dance company, Hypnotik entertainment.  She currently works at the head office for Tip Top tailors as a merchandise allocator and buyer’s assistant.  With the many roles she has experienced in the fashion and entertainment world, her aspirations to become a fashion show producer has expanded to all open doors within the industry.

Shameela’s skills and work experience involve modeling, dancing, choreographing, pageantry, public speaking and even event coordination.  Aside from her endless strive to do more and be better; one of her highest accomplishments was when she performed in the Caribbean for the prime minister of India during St.Vincent’s national Indian heritage Festival.  The Indian delegates were so impressed that they sent her a personalized letter of appreciation from India.

Coming from a Guyanese and Vincentian heritage, Shameela is using her experiences from behind the stage, on stage and now in front of stage to watch, listen and report on the hypothetical and realistic aspects of life for Wi Canadian.


Shivon Timaul, Fashion Show Co-ordinator

– Wi Canadian Magazine Cover Girl 2012
– Miss West Indian Canadian Pageant Contestant 2010

– Wi Canadian Model

“Organizing my first pageant and coping with new obstacles and different personalities without taking it personal wasn’t easy at all but Shivon’s words of encouragement after the pageant were a great boost to start planning the next and I will forever be grateful.” – Julie Rambali, CEO of Wi Canadian

Shivon is one out of 9 contestants that will forever be able to say she was a contestant in the 1st ever Miss West Indian Canadian Pageant. She brings her wonderful personality and positive attitude to the team.

She kept her faith in the pageant and saw its potential. Shivon has testified to having an amazing experience with the pageant and realized the pageant is much more than just winning the title, “…it’s about gaining self confidence, taking pride in your West Indian heritage and meeting fabulous people along the way“. It enhanced her stage presence and she went from being a very shy Shivon to a very confident Wi Canadian WebTV Host.

She studied Life Science at University of Toronto and is furthering her education in hopes of becoming a Pediatrician.  Also achieved honour roll throughout high school.